About RusticWise

The desire to lead a more simple and healthy life doesn’t have to be all or nothing, black or white. With more and more people leading urban lives we’re losing time-honoured wisdom and basic knowledge of living off the land, gardening, and just all-around self-reliance. Sometimes newer and faster isn’t better—there are health and environmental (not to mention financial) benefits of doing things yourself.

Let’s not forget this knowledge! We don’t all have to be homesteaders to feel the satisfaction of eating fresh, homegrown vegetables or baking a loaf of bread from scratch. We can all incorporate elements of rustic wisdom in our everyday lives regardless if you live in a tiny apartment or acreage.

We created RusticWise with the hopes of it becoming a handy resource for home, garden, sustainability, and self-reliance knowledge. Let’s take this journey together.

Let’s do this!

About our illustrations

All original illustrations are done by Theresa (unless otherwise stated) and are copyrighted RusticWise.com. If you’d like to use an illustration for your own personal blog, go for it—but you MUST credit RusticWise and provide a link back to RusticWise.com. Illustrations aren’t permitted to be used for your own resale or profit (but y’all knew that already). Read our Terms of Use.

About us

Hi there! We’re Josh and Theresa. We live in Canada with our two kids, a pet tortoise, and occasionally some quails. We’re not homesteaders, we live in the city where we have a modest garden and average-sized backyard. Our home is overrun with gardening and sprouting supplies, and outdoor gear.