Penny-Pinching Perfection: Affordable DIY Home Organization Tricks

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Are you looking for clutter-free home ideas and home organization tricks without breaking the bank? You’ve come to the right place!

In this article, we’ll explore simple DIY home organization tricks that will help you find a tidier space and a more organized and calm environment. We’ll share how to repurpose everyday items to use for easy storage solutions, give tips to maximize space, and discover how to use other items to make your home a more organized, tidy place. Our home organization hacks are affordable and simple and will transform your space into neat and tidy perfection.

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Tips and hacks to get your home organized

Everyone wants a clean, organized, tidy home, but not everyone can achieve that. Trying to get your house in order can be overwhelming; if you’re not careful, it can be expensive, too. Read on to find plenty of great ideas, hacks and cleaning tips to get your home in tip-top, organized shape.

Fast home organization tips to get you started:

Get organized quickly with these clever multi-purpose organization ideas to maximize storage space in many areas such as the linen closet, kitchen, laundry room, or anywhere that has clutter.

  • Use foldable storage cubes to hide clutter, books, magazines, etc.
  • Use the back of doors to hang things up on, hang shoe racks and store things in, hang hooks for extra sweaters, etc.
  • Store sheets inside pillowcases.
  • Reuse tin cans for home items.
  • Repurpose old wine racks.
  • Use hanging baskets to store items in.
  • Use a tension rod to divide the space in drawers.
  • Label storage containers in the pantry.
  • Use wire baskets in kitchen cupboards to organize kitchen supplies.
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1. Declutter regularly

Make decluttering a regular part of your room cleaning routine. Keeping your home organized is much easier when everything has a place. If you find things that don’t have a place, it’s time to downsize, better organize, or donate.

Decluttering can feel almost therapeutic. It gives you the opportunity to take inventory of what you have and decide what you need. A quick way to do this is by using a home cleaning service such as TidyHere in the Boston area, who can come in on a routine basis and transform your home into a perfectly organized oasis!

Places to declutter:

  • Closets, linens, and clothing.
  • Kitchen cabinets, pantry, countertops, spice rack, junk drawer, and kitchen drawers.
  • Entertainment unit.
  • Home office including desks, filing cabinets, craft supplies, and office supplies.
  • Garage.
  • Home electronics.
  • Bookshelves.
  • Entryway, including shoe storage.

2. Invest in under-bed storage containers

Under-bed storage containers are a terrific way to create extra storage. You can store toys, clothing, blankets, shoes, and more. This is a versatile way to reduce the clutter in the room and keep everything organized.

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3. Repurpose jars for small items

Using old glass jars for organizing small items is a functional and stylish way to keep everything tidy. Glass jars are incredibly versatile, and their clear visibility adds to the ease of identifying what is inside. Repurposing glass jars is an eco-friendly way to store your spices, grains, nuts, paper clips, rubber bands, pens, pencils, cotton balls, and much more.

4. Create a mail station

Creating a functional mail station can rejuvenate your entire space. Mail is often left out, creating clutter and making a space look unkempt. Making a designated spot for mail to help manage incoming and outgoing mail can be a game changer. It’s also helpful to keep important documents nearby, within each.

You can use a wall-mounted piece, tabletop caddy, stylish bin or bowl, a drawer organizer, or whatever else fits your space and decor. Add small jars with stamps, a section for envelopes, pens, a calendar, and paper clips to level up your mail station.

5. Use shelf risers to maximize cupboard space

Using shelf risers is a versatile and creative way to maximize the vertical space in your cupboards. Shelf risers create tiers for cupboard items, which create extra storage space. This organization hack can make finding what you’re looking for much easier without digging through things. Using shelf risers can quickly transform the look and organization of your cupboards.

6. Make DIY jewelry holders

Use ice cube trays, egg cartons, knobs, twigs, or anything else you can think of to make DIY jewelry holders. This creative organization tip will help keep your jewelry neat and knot-free and add some flair to the room. DIY jewelry holders blend functionality with organization to eliminate clutter and keep your jewelry in top-tier condition.

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7. Construct a DIY charging station

A DIY charging station centralizes all charging devices to be kept in one convenient place. Not only does a charging station declutter the area, but it also hides messy cords. A DIY charging station gives a dedicated space for devices to charge without causing a cluttered look or taking up space.

Materials needed to make a DIY charging station:

  • If you want to make a charging station, you’ll need a box or a container to use as a base. You can use shoeboxes, wooden crates, desk organizers, or baskets for this purpose. Ensure the container you choose is large enough to fit the power strip or surge protector you will use to charge your devices.
  • If your container has no holes for the charging cables, you will need a drill to create some.
  • To keep your charging cables neat and untangled, you will need cable organizers such as clips, cable ties, or adhesive cable organizers.
  •  Use decorative paper, fabric, or paint to add a decorative touch to your charging station. You will also need glue or adhesive to attach these decorations or cable organizers to the container.
  • If you have many devices to charge, consider using labels or dividers to organize them within the station. Additionally, you can use small trays, dividers, or compartments to organize devices or accessories within the station further. 

8. Use a magazine rack for a pot lid holder

A magazine rack can be repurposed as a pot lid holder to create an efficient organization hack in the kitchen. The slots in the rack are perfectly sized to hold pot lids, keeping them upright and easy to grab. Place the magazine rack in a cupboard and slide the pot lids into the slats. This will make the cupboard look nice and more organized, and you won’t be digging around trying to find that specific pot lid anymore. This clever reuse optimizes space and provides a cost-effective solution for decluttering by creatively repurposing an item you already have.

9. Hang pots from the ceiling

Hanging your pots from the ceiling or on the wall is a simple DIY home organization trick that doesn’t require much, but delivers a huge impact. Your pot cupboard/drawer will no longer be stuffed, and finding the exact size you need for cooking will be easier. Plus, this type of organization adds a rustic flair to your decor, making your home feel inviting and cozy.

10. Use PVC pipes for hair tool storage

Fasten PVC pipes on the inside of vanity cupboard doors. Store blow dryers, curling irons, hair brushes, straightening irons, and combs. This is a great way to keep hair tools out of the way, but still neat and organized.

11. Fasten a magnetic strip on the bathroom cupboard

A magnetic strip is a perfect way to store bobby pins, barrettes, nail clippers, and manicure items. This helps to eliminate the bobby pins that get stuck in the carpet and in the corners of floor space and organizes them in a way where you can easily find them.

Final thoughts on DIY home organization tricks

In a world where creativity meets functionality, DIY home organization hacks provide awesome solutions to transform spaces while reflecting personal style. These hacks are not just clutter-busters but game-changers in optimizing space and enhancing functionality. With a dash of creativity and resourcefulness, DIY home organization ideas allow individuals to reimagine their living spaces as organized havens that are also personalized reflections of their unique personalities.

Whether it’s maximizing vertical space, repurposing household items, or hanging items up instead of storing them in cupboards, these organizing ideas empower everyone to get rid of clutter and enjoy an organized home.

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