The Complete Bathroom Cleaning Checklist for Every Schedule


Cleaning the bathroom might be one of the most dreaded household chores. By having a cleaning schedule and chipping off a few tasks at a time, we can keep mess, grime, and grossness to a minimum. Here’s a bathroom cleaning checklist for three different scenarios: the power clean (10-15 minutes), weekly maintenance (20-30 minutes), and deep clean (an hour or more).

Use these cleaning checklists as a starting point and make adjustments as necessary. We understand that everyone has different cleaning standards and cleaning tasks they consider important. 

Roll up your sleeves and let’s get cleaning!

Bathroom cleaning hacks

Up your bathroom cleaning game with the following cleaning hacks:

  • Store your cleaning products and supplies all in one place in a bucket: You’ll waste less time searching for all your cleaning supplies and have less reason to procrastinate. Here are some items to keep on hand:
  • Microfiber cloths
  • Sponges
  • Paper towels
  • Gloves
  • All-purpose cleaner
  • Glass cleaner
  • Toilet bowl cleaner
  • Baking soda (a good mild abrasive for scrubbing drains)
  • Save and sanitize old toothbrushes: Repurpose your old toothbrushes. These are handy for cleaning small areas such as grout.
  • Keep a small, hand-held shower squeegee in your shower: They’re fairly inexpensive and help keep shower walls and doors clean longer by wicking away water. Excess water buildup leads to water stains and soap scum. Give a quick 1-minute squeegee after every shower and you’ll find you can go longer between cleanings.

“Nothing inspires cleanliness more than an unexpected guest.”

—Radhika Mundra

The power clean (when you’re short on time)

Short on time? Have unexpected company popping by at the last minute?  Do a quick 10-15 minute power clean. While your bathroom won’t be spotless, your guest(s) at least won’t recoil in horror. 

Focus your attention on the following high-visibility spots:

  • Put away clutter on countertops
  • Spot-clean mirrors
  • Clean faucets and give the countertop and sink a quick wipe
  • Fill the toilet with toilet bowl cleaner and let it soak for several minutes while you do a quick spot-cleaning of the toilet seat (top and bottom).
  • Scrub toilet bowl
  • Vacuum floor

Tip: When you don’t have much time, make things shine that are supposed to shine. These are the most noticeable areas that guests notice. For example, if you have a polished faucet, give it a quick wipe. Mirrors fall under the same category.

Weekly bathroom cleaning checklist

Because we should all have standards, you know? A clean bathroom might not be your top priority, but you’ll feel much better by setting aside 20-30 minutes to do a few tasks once a week:

  • Declutter countertops and throw out unnecessary items
  • Clean mirrors
  • Polish faucets
  • Wipe countertops
  • Clean the bathroom sink: A mild natural abrasive like baking soda helps remove grime.
  • Do a quick clean of the shower or tub: Clean shower doors and the top edge of the bathtub where dust accumulates.
  • Change towels
  • Wipe and disinfect high-touch surfaces such as bathroom doorknobs, light switches, and drawer handles.
  • Take out garbage
  • Vacuum floor and bathmats
  • Give floors a quick wet mop
  • Clean/dust toilet from top to bottom, from outside-in. Don’t forget to sanitize high-touch areas like the handle!
  • Scrub toilet bowl

Tip: Apply a squirt of toilet bowl cleaner at the start of your cleaning session and let it sit until you’ve finished all other tasks. You’ll get a deeper clean with less scrubbing required.

The deep clean bathroom cleaning checklist (when you’ve got an hour or more)

Kudos—you’ve set aside a good chunk of time to deep clean your bathroom. Put on some music and let’s get to work.

Make a paste of baking soda and water to clean grout.
Credit: Aqua Mechanical / Flickr, Baking soda shoot in studio

Do all the tasks from the weekly bathroom cleaning checklist listed above as well as the following:

  • Deep clean showerhead: If you have hard water, chances are you’ll need to banish mineral buildup. The easiest way to do this is to fill a plastic baggie part way with white vinegar. Using an elastic band, secure snugly around the showerhead and let it sit for at least 30 minutes (or longer if need be).  While you’re waiting, get started on the rest of your shower.
  • Clean shower: Working from top to bottom spray cleaning solution over walls, faucet, and drain. Let it sit for a few minutes. Use a sponge or cloth to wipe clean. If you’re short (like me!) and have difficulty reaching the higher parts, you can try using a Swiffer-type wet mop to clean shower walls. Rinse the cleaning solution off with water and wipe dry with a microfiber cloth.
  • Clean grout: Make a thick paste of baking soda and water. Apply it to dirty grout using an old toothbrush.
  • Dust walls from top to bottom using a Swiffer-type dry mop. Don’t forget the tops of door ledges and trim!
  • Dust the top of shower curtain rods or shower door 
  • Dust light fixtures and replace bulbs as necessary
  • Wash bath mats
  • Dust baseboards
  • Organize cupboards, cabinets, and drawers: Sometimes the reason we keep things cluttered on the countertop is because we don’t have a proper place to put them. Dispose of expired medicine, throw out old cosmetics, and try to group similar items together. Small bins, baskets, and drawer compartments can do wonders in keeping your toiletries organized.
  • Clean fan ventilation cover: A dusty and clogged exhaust fan is less efficient. Over time, this can lead to mold or mildew issues. This should be done every six months. You’ll need to remove the fan cover, vacuum out dust, wipe down any grime, and put the cover back.
  • Disinfect garbage can: If you don’t use bin liners, it’s especially important to clean and disinfect this sitting petri dish of bathroom germs. Fill the garbage can about one-quarter full of warm soapy water and add a cup or two of vinegar. Let it sit for 30 minutes. Clean with a stiff brush, and let dry. 

Tip: Rubbing alcohol is great at removing stuck-on toothpaste stains on mirrors. Using a small cotton ball or cotton pad, apply a small amount of rubbing alcohol. Work quickly (as alcohol dries fast) to remove any stains. Follow by using a glass cleaner for a spotless and streak-free mirror.

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