Top 9 Microgreens Sandwich Ideas

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If you’re tired of the same boring PB & J or avocado sandwich for lunch, I’ve rounded up an assortment of drool-worthy sandwiches that will make lunches and snacks something to look forward to.

Most of us could use more servings of veggies in our diets. Adding microgreens to your sammie is a great way to boost nutrition, as well as add texture and flavor. If you’re seeking inspiration for your microgreens sandwich, there are plenty of vegetarian ideas, as well as recipes featuring meat and cheese.

Let’s take a look at the best microgreens for sandwiches, their flavor profiles, plus fresh and nutritious ingredients you can add to boost taste. So gather a few ingredients and let’s make a greens sandwich!

A closer look at mighty microgreens

Microgreens are tiny seedlings of herbs and vegetables that are packed with nutrients. They can be grown indoors and many varieties are ready to harvest in 1–2 weeks.

Most micros are only 1–3 inches (3–8 centimeters) tall when harvested, which makes these small greens a great addition to sandwiches, wraps, and salads. They’re also perfect for garnishes atop a variety of savory dishes.

Let’s not confuse microgreens with sprouts. While both microgreens and sprouts are immature versions of plants, they differ in their form, and the way they’re grown.

Micros require soil, or a soilless medium to grow in. They require sun and are harvested just above the soil, leaving their roots behind.

Sprouts don’t require any light to grow. They are germinated seeds eaten whole (root, shoot, and seed).

While sprouts are definitely tasty and also make fine additions to sandwiches, this article focuses on micros.

Reasons to add microgreens to your sandwich

Why add micros to your sammie? Whether you’re a vegan who is looking to add microgreens for an extra nutritional punch, or a meat-eater who loves their sandwich with a bit of a crunch, here are a few solid reasons to do so.

  • Improve taste and texture: Looking for a bit of crunch and flavor? With a wide range of flavor profiles ranging from mild to spicy, microgreens add a flavor and texture that can take your sandwich to the next level.
  • Boost nutrition: When harvested at such an early stage of growth, these small but mighty greens contain more vitamins than their mature counterparts. A 2012 study looked at 25 types of commercially grown microgreens. On average, many microgreens contain 5 times the amount of vitamins and carotenoids than the same leaves of mature plants. Researchers found that the levels vary anywhere from 4 to 40 times the levels of nutrients.¹ So adding a sprinkle of micros can go a long way!
  • Easy to use: Microgreens are easy to use to create delicious sandwiches. Give them a quick rinse under water, pat dry with a paper towel or salad spinner, and you can eat them raw. Simply sprinkle them on top or slip them in between your veggies and other sandwich fixings, and you’re ready to dig in!

Microgreens sandwich ingredients

Get creative when making a sammie and experiment with different flavor combinations. Here are a few additional ingredients to incorporate into delicious vegetarian sandwiches or meat-based ones. Serve open-faced or closed.

  • Apple slices
  • Avocado slices
  • Cheese: Goat cheese, feta, havarti, provolone, mozzarella, or aged cheddar
  • Cucumber slices
  • Fried egg
  • Leafy greens like baby kale or spinach
  • Smoked salmon
  • Tomatoes
  • Turkey, chicken, or another lean meat
microgreens sandwich, salmon and avocado toast with microgreens
Salmon and avocado toast with microgreens.
Credit: VectorState

Type of breads

While a regular slice of bread will do, sometimes switching it up with different grains and forms adds a new twist to a fresh microgreens sandwich.

  • Bagel
  • Whole grain bread, or sprouted grain bread
  • Flatbread
  • Lettuce leaf (go “breadless”)
  • Pita
  • Wraps

Spreads and seasonings

Up the flavor quotient with these tasty spreads!

  • Cream cheese
  • Hummus
  • Pesto
  • Mayo
  • Mustard
  • Jalapeno Aioli sauce (I get mine from Costco)
  • Salt and black pepper

Top microgreens to add to your sandwich

While virtually any microgreen is suitable for a sammie, the following are the top picks for their flavor and texture.

  • Arugula: The arugula micro is milder than the full grown leaf, but still packs a peppery bite, with tangy notes that make this a favorite. Arugula microgreens pair well with turkey, chicken, mozza, parmesan, avocados, and citrus flavors.
  • Basil: There are different kinds of basil micros, including Italian and Thai, but opal basil works great in sandwiches. Characterized by its purplish-green leaves, opal basil adds a lovely citrus note with a slightly sweet and spicy aftertaste. The tender leaves add a nice touch. Basil goes great with tomatoes!
  • Broccoli: A very nutritious and versatile micro, broccoli microgreens have an earthy flavor with mildly spicy notes typical of Brassicas. Broccoli goes great with eggs and cheese!
  • Kale (red): There are many types of kale. Tuscan has a bold bittersweet taste, but red kale is a great choice for sandwiches as it strikes the perfect balance between sweet and earthy, and slightly nutty. Plus the leaves are crunchy! Stems are pinkish-red with green leaves. Pairs well with cucumber, parmesan, mozza, or feta cheese, and poultry.
  • Mustard: If you’re looking for a spicy kick, look no further than mustard microgreens. With sharp, peppery notes, use sparingly, or mix with milder micros. Red mustard is less spicy than Oriental mustard varieties. Mustard micros pair well with Asian dishes, as well as apples, citrus, meat and poultry.
  • Pea shoots: Pea microgreens grow larger than most other micros, and add a fresh, sweet flavor with plenty of crunch. Works well with eggs, cheeses, citrus, and poultry.
  • Sunflower: Sweet and nutty, sunflower microgreens are a top pick for many micros-lovers. Large and substantial, sunflower micros add plenty of crunch. Pair with pea shoots for a great blend. Tastes great with eggs, and avocado toast.

Tip: If you like to add a bit of spice to your sammies, try adding radish, mustard, or cress. Using too much can overpower the flavor of the other sandwich ingredients so mix with milder greens.

9 microgreens sandwich ideas and recipes

Say good-bye to boring homemade sandwiches! Here’s a roundup of tasty microgreens sandwich ideas and recipes. Enjoy them as a healthy meal or snack.

We use the term “sandwich” loosely—some of the following ideas use wraps or lettuce leaves rather than slices of bread.

1. Supercharged avocado toast

One of the easiest ways to add micros to your busy morning is on top of a slice of avocado toast. Toast your bread (or bagel). You can either mash or slice your avocado. I like to mash mine.

In a small bowl, mash up your avocado. I like to add sea salt, pepper, and a bit of lemon juice. Spread mashed avocado on top of toast and top with a handful of microgreens.

2. Open-faced breakfast sandwich

Start your day with a protein-rich breakie sandwich featuring avocado, a poached egg, and a handful of micros. Optional: add chives/green onion, or baby arugula leaves to up the flavor quotient of this open-faced sandwich (via Cobs Bread).

3. Turkey Green Goddess sandwich

This amped-up tasty sandwich with avocado features butter lettuce, turkey, cucumber, bean sprouts, microgreens, and Green Goddess salad dressing (via Oroweat).

microgreens sandwich, Ash Cuoco, supergreen pesto wraps with microgreens
Supergreen pesto wraps with microgreens.
Credit: Ash Cuoco

4. Supergreen pesto wraps

If you’re looking to cut back on carbs, this recipe uses large collard green leaves in lieu of a regular wrap. Round up a few ingredients to assemble your veggie wrap: hummus, cucumber, cabbage, bell peppers, avocado, feta, and arugula microgreens. You can add grilled chicken or leave it vegetarian (via Ash Cuoco).

5. Rainbow veggie wraps

Since we’re on the topic of wraps, this vegetarian-friendly wrap is easy to make. Thinly sliced bell peppers, carrot, cucumber, shredded cabbage, and microgreens make for a crunchy and healthy lunch or snack (via Plant Perks).

6. Microgreen lettuce wraps

This quick and easy vegan sandwich wrap makes a great post-workout or after school snack, or light meal. Grab some hummus, cherry tomatoes, olives, and a handful of your favorite micros, and roll it in a large lettuce leaf (via Giving Greens).

microgreens sandwich, Produce Made Simple, gourmet grilled cheese with microgreens
Gourmet grilled cheese with microgreens.
Credit: Produce Made Simple

7. Gourmet grilled cheese with tomatoes and microgreens

Transform a plain grilled cheese into a mouthwatering meal with the addition of basil micros and tomatoes, and a dallop of Dijon mustard (via Produce Made Simple).

8. Grilled steak and havarti sandwiches

This hearty and satisfying sammie is perfect weekend fare. A flank steak with melted cheese, topped with sundried tomatoes and a heaping handful of microgreens (via Grad Food).

microgreens sandwich, Bon Appetit, green goddess crunch sandwich
Green Goddess Crunch sandwich.
Credit: Bon Appetit

9. Green Goddess crunch sandwich

This veggie sandwich delivers big, creamy flavor and crunch! While the recipe calls for alfalfa or broccoli sprouts, you can easily add microgreens to the mix (via Bon Appetit).

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