Get your home sparkly clean—with fewer harsh chemicals

We get it. There’s a common misconception that “green” or “natural” cleaners aren’t as effective as commercial cleaning products. But we beg to differ. While there’s a time and place for chemicals (after all, not all so-called chemicals are bad), we hope to show you how to get that sparkly clean with fewer harsh chemicals.

Many effective and natural cleaners are items you probably already have at home. Baking soda. White vinegar. Salt. Lemon. Castile soap or dish soap.

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New to green cleaning?

This article will give you timeless cleaning tips and hacks you can revisit time and again.

Many natural (and effective) household cleaners can be found in your pantry. So learn to get those sinks, tubs, and laundry clean with a few simple ingredients.

Start here for cleaning basics

Get the most of your household cleaners by understanding when to use acidic, alkaline, or abrasive cleaners.

RusticWise, how to use citric acid for cleaning

How To Use Citric Acid for Cleaning: 7 Easy DIY Recipes

Lemon power to the rescue—here’s how to use citric acid for cleaning! Natural and budget-friendly, here’s a roundup of 7 easy DIY cleaning recipes.

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7 Household Acids for Cleaning and How To Use Them

Acidic cleaners are great for removing hard water stains and rust. Here are some common acids for cleaning around the house, and how to use them safely.

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What’s a Strong Alkaline Cleaner? 6 Examples and When To Use Them

When you want to remove baked on grease or unclog drains, use a strong alkaline cleaner. Read more about alkaline vs. acidic cleaners and how to use them!

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What Are Abrasive Cleaners? 3 Main Types and Tips on Using Them

What are abrasive cleaners? In short, abrasives help remove heavily soiled or stained surfaces—with less elbow grease! Learn more on how to use them!

Let’s talk about mild soap

Sometimes all that’s needed is a gentle clean. For these instances, let’s look at different mild soaps that are versatile and useful for cleaning virtually all surfaces.

RusticWise, what is mild soap

What Is Mild Soap for Cleaning? Here Are 9 Ways To Use It

What is mild soap for cleaning? Gentle detergent is easier on the skin and contains fewer harsh chemicals. Here’s why and how to use it.

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What are Soapberries: 7 Benefits + 7 Ways to Use This Natural Soap

What are soapberries? These tiny fruits of the soapberry tree are eco-friendly and versatile. They contain saponins which create lather when mixed with water.

Have this plant growing in your yard?

How To Make Soap From Soapwort Plant and 6 Easy Ways To Use It

If you’re looking for a natural way to make soap (without lye), the soapwort plant is just what you need. We’ll show you how to make soap from soapwort plant!


From tackling stubborn stains to brightening whites, laundry day just got a bit better.

RusticWise - Soaking Clothes In Vinegar Overnight
Keep a bottle of white vinegar in your laundry room!

Tips for Soaking Clothes in Vinegar + 5 Other Vinegar Laundry Hacks

Vinegar is an effective cleaning solution you should be using for laundry. Learn more about soaking clothes in vinegar overnight plus other laundry hacks!

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Soaking Clothes in Baking Soda + (8 Other Surprising Tricks)

Baking soda is a mild alkaline powder that’s a great natural cleaning ingredient. Here’s how soaking clothes in baking soda works, plus 8 other laundry hacks!

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Why Put Aluminum Foil in the Dryer? 4 Surprising Reasons

Here’s a simple laundry hack involving aluminum foil in the dryer. Simply scrunch up foil into balls to reduce static. Here’s what you need to know.

Is it time to ditch this laundry item?

Do You Really Need Dryer Sheets? Why It’s Time to Ditch Them

Do you really need dryer sheets? Here’s our opinion on why we think you should think twice before using dryer sheets.

Troubleshooting and other tips

For those times when you need help, pronto, here’s how to unclog sinks, toilets, and clean around the house.

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How to Unclog a Toilet With Dish Soap Fast in 5 Easy Steps

There’s nothing more annoying than a toilet that won’t flush. Before you call the plumber, we’ll show you how to unclog a toilet with dish soap and hot water.

Forget the commercial drain cleaner.

All Natural Drain Cleaners: How to Unclog Drains Without Chemicals

Ditch the chemicals! Here’s a few DIY all natural drain cleaners and plumbing tools that will unblock your sink without hurting the environment or your health.

Wine spill? No problem!

Best Tips for How to Deep Clean Carpet Without a Machine

Check out our tips for how to deep clean carpet without a machine or harmful chemicals. Learn how to deep clean and refresh your carpet naturally!

Ready to dig deeper?

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