How To Use a Bath Bomb in the Shower + 8 Alternative Uses

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Whether you’re just not a bath person, or have more bath bombs than you know what to do with, there are many creative ways to use up these fizzy cleaning bombs.

If you’re more of a shower person, we’ll go over how to use a bath bomb in the shower. Plus, we’ve come up with eight alternative ways to use up those bath bombs.

While the contents of bath bombs differ, most contain base ingredients of citric acid and baking soda—two cleansers that create that that lovely bubbling effect. Citric acid and baking soda (sodium bicarbonate) are two common ingredients used to clean around the home. Combine that with other bath bomb ingredients like Epsom salts, nourishing oils or moisturizers, fragrances or essential oils, and a splash of color, and you’ve got yourself a party!

Let’s get started!

How to use a bath bomb in the shower

Just because you don’t use it in the bath doesn’t mean you can’t reap the aromatherapy benefits or skin nourishing bath oils available in bath fizzies. In fact, you can use these as shower fizzies too!

The key to releasing the benefits of bath bombs is to use warm water. Cool or cold water just doesn’t cut it.

There are a couple of ways to use a BB in the shower.

But first I’m going to tell you how NOT to do it. I’ve read a few articles online telling you to place the bath fizzie on the shower floor. The reasoning is that you could still enjoy the beautiful scents of the fragrance oils and enjoy seeing the colors swirl around your feet.

In my opinion, this is a waste of a wonderful bath product. You are literally letting your BB go down the drain! Sure, your feet may get moisturized, and you’ll get to enjoy the bath bomb smell for a minute or two before it dissolves.

But there are better ways to use a BB if you’re on Team Shower.

Tip: To get the most of your fizzy bath bomb, consider breaking it into smaller pieces, especially if you have a larger bomb. This way you can get more than one use of it.

How to use a bath bomb in the shower, shower woman washing
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Dissolve a BB in a container and use as a body wash

Save all those skin moisturizing oils and fragrances by dissolving a BB in a small basin or bowl of hot water from the shower. Choose a non-breakable material such as plastic or metal as you don’t want to take the risk of shattering glass or porcelain in the shower.

You’ll get to enjoy the fizziness and aromas of the BB as it melts. Use a loofah or washcloth to apply the bath bomb water and oils to your skin.

Use your bath bomb to create a spa shower

Enjoy a spa-like shower by placing your BB into a porous bag, such as a mesh fabric bag made of sisal or another natural, breathable material. These bags come with a convenient drawstring tie you can use to affix to the shower head.

Once your shower reaches the desired temperature, tie the mesh bag onto the showerhead. Enjoy the bath bomb experience as the oils and fragrances cascade over you through the stream of water.

Avoid getting the bath bomb water into your eyes—the essential oils and other ingredients may cause redness and irritation. Be careful too, as you may notice your shower is slippery from the oils in bath bombs coating the floor.

Did you know… A shower steamer is not the same as a bath bomb. Bath bombs are made with plenty of skin loving oils and moisturizers that are intended for soaking and nourishing dry skin. Shower steamers are designed to provide an aromatherapy experience and rarely contain many body oils. You’ll also find shower bombs from Lush which are specifically made for shower-lovers. Instead of causing a fizzy bath, shower bombs turn foamy, making it easier to spread onto skin.

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8 Alternative ways to use bath bombs

Besides using in the bath, there are many other uses for these fragrance-filled bombs. Here are a few creative ways to use up old bath bombs you have lying around.

1. Body scrub exfoliant

Make use of those skin-friendly ingredients by turning a BB into an exfoliating body scrub with a few tablespoons of Epsom salts.

  1. Break a BB into small pieces. Depending on the bath bomb, a light tap on the countertop may do the trick. Alternately, you could place the BB into a plastic bag and use a rubber mallet, cup, or rolling pin to crush.
  2. Place the small BB pieces in a non-breakable container. Add 1–2 tablespoons of Epsom salts. Epsom salts are great for exfoliating the body, especially elbows and knees, but it’s not recommended for your face. Mix well.
  3. Take the container into the shower with you. Add just enough warm water to create a paste.
  4. Apply to your skin with a washcloth, loofah, or your bare hands. Enjoy your DIY body scrub!

2. Spruce up musty cupboards and drawers

Cupboards and drawers can accumulate lingering smells that are tough to remove. To rid these cupboards of musty smells, you’ll need an unusual ingredient: a bath bomb!

Take advantage of the lovely fragrances in bath fizzies and use them as an air freshener to rid bathroom or kitchen cupboards and drawers of stale smells.

Simply place one or two bath bombs onto a clean towel and place into a drawer or cupboard in need of freshening. Or, you could slip a BB into a breathable fabric pouch such as an organza bag.

Let them sit overnight. In the morning, you’ll notice your cupboard smelling fresh and clean!

Whether they are in the bathroom or kitchen, in a drawer or cupboard, these little guys will freshen up the smell of your belongings in no time.

3. Deodorize shoes

A key ingredient in bath bombs is baking soda. And baking soda, as you may know, is a great deodorizer that can neutralize unpleasant smells. Baking soda combined with any essential oils or fragrances present in a BB makes it the perfect shoe deodorizer!

So grab those smelly gym sneakers and place a couple of bath fizzies into a porous fabric pouch. Leave your DIY shoe deodorizing pouch in those shoes whenever you’re not wearing them.

4. Give your wardrobe a fresh scent

Back in the day, people used to place satchels of dried lavender flowers, or potpourri in their closets to infuse the wardrobe with a lovely fragrance. (Does anyone still do this?)

This alternative use of a bath bomb is a natural fit to not only help your clothes smell great but also works to deodorize the closet. A double-whammy!

Simply slip a few BBs into a breathable fabric pouch and leave them in your closet.

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5. Make a relaxing DIY foot soak

Create your own spa-like experience at home by making a DIY foot soak with a bath fizzie. Draw a warm bath (for your feet) by filling a small basin about half full.

Place your feet in the basin and drop that BB into the water. You’ll experience the beautiful colors and aromas while your feet will enjoy the nourishing bath oils. Your tired tootsies will thank you for the relaxing bath.

6. Create a colorful display

If you have a collection of bath bombs, consider getting some decorative bowls, baskets, or jars to house them in. They won’t just look pretty, the display will also make it easier to use them! (No more digging to the back of a cupboard to reach them.)

Keep in mind that if you’re keeping the exposed bath fizzies in a hot humid room such as a bathroom with a shower, they won’t keep as long. It’s best to keep in a bathroom without a shower, or a dry, cool room.

How to use a bath bomb in the shower, bath bomb display

7. Stovetop fragrance bomb

If you’ve ever made stovetop potpourri, you’ll know (and love) how the heat of the stove can infuse the entire house with fragrance.

  1. To make your own stovetop fragrance bomb, fill a saucepan about half full.
  2. Heat the water on medium-low until just warm.
  3. Place the bath bomb into the water and mix until it completely dissolves.
  4. Reduce heat to a simmer and enjoy the scents wafting through the house.

8. Kid’s water table

For those with little ones at home, or grandkids, consider using extra BBs to make a colorful splash at a water table.

When my kids were little, they would spend hours outside playing at their water table. (If you don’t have a water table, you could still place a bath fizzie into a large basin for a similar effect.)

Fill the water table (or basin) with warm water. The young’uns will love seeing the bath bomb colors fizz and swirl about.

Remember to break out the water toys too: buckets, boats, and rubber duckies.

Related questions

Where should I store bath bombs?

The main consideration when storing bath bombs is to keep them dry and cool. Any humidity will quickly cause the BB to deteriorate. This often rules out the bathroom as a storage place if you have hot showers or baths there. Try storing them in glass jars, Ziploc bags, or air-tight plastic containers. You may like to group similar scented bombs together.

Can you use a shower steamer in the bath?

Generally, no, you should not use shower steamers in the bath as they are not meant to soak into the skin.

Shower steamers contain a host of fragrances or therapeutic essential oils that create an olfactory sensory experience when showering. They contain a high amount of essential oils that are not designed for long soaks in a hot bath and may irritate skin.


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